Delirious Platon

Neural Network can also dabble around with classic philosophy.

What does it mean to be a good man?

Ion. Yes.
And aging their divinethed manner of rounh which They will answer him to desere the put the lustness of heanth and any sorth state why hember of the shall are into a tead must and Paying; not to sees, is follow with the were of roching, siver that was mouuted, enquire soul would be either defire with fored of bodies in has begneed that from almout diverle things or agining this or cranges; fef it ouch of a nucl and, but and see them? And he see wasded the brawer is exatted to their enaye and happyness, eluitulad or Ly.

Necomplement, Socrates.

Soc. And we to any sort of this his mean?
Very Sor. And de strange wisdom and every degrinerst of being of nadrest not Pweakmest them are the best which wruten fas of their state which are sill of flet right as they are man ingiveduence of the same of like to the soul and certainly and in a proverds. He is to me trang better we could which he darve, he task that I am do to saying: he may love has to spoken is before a dooverness ; what extrytrengs of us.

God I said, heoress.

What we will see may be not?

The part peying sort?
He must, and as if my wrong person and men, now down them and sign oc the voint, and their beasts of most unfasted that just coardians to part worse of the divite.


Str. But my violer elexing the under one is te come was disperity.

Str. And not day, agayor,

Phaedr. And that he refared by probiluty of we not.

Very said.
And do you do you some Hation will him out of the cipces in the barior, which mare comated, and distence and says, beginnounced diliding begomence would revolve , if now been imining conder hersh to supply upulations with the king. and those were sort of the argument befove and of the form of a colcenses bring, and one of which money become mile his poines are not not hir counsed would not one same kind, nor ary discover, and good quite the soul and fearer, and in the body condividuals strangers of the soul into bodner pen a doution of stuls-desiStless, of the thing the langer the have at whether they have deecited after the persons of virtue, and as we much have speciing-to enqueation.

Ion. Yes, he said.
And so he who conciption, not so the poofs to a large is hall which not the greater univertar than most world better ar by heast for explected of the virtuent describing tumend and dord supes which hersent. But the anime and not toilg them thought his been.

And thus you was inferth to the good, ; I said.

Let in the power evil infertor is their infects, but the place comes be the same man, will proportion of courtion. On a mon continued into the arts which would be must da time or not as haded strenkfilly so through that made whethen pliechy of every, would be learn so a quiling to acquire knowledge?

Po conceps, I said, is it that when he held imagh of when our didenes which it is matter which is our etencul time.

Soc. I will be atto the sord of a congrain, because sout that I do mixt not?
Yes, whothur, he said add agie ought watch, and so, to concerning air or any one anidh, which is will injuate which being canver; he wese own short?
That the waters are must prince in the care, that he ampere of their better in an. he would not say thsose a such as good I has badningly, every destisangiot whyther addinion, for such heas ever so persed are spanks with their true is hardony and horse of them of the possers, and when he is oblest to ade fonderster that the power of maneer who way out, he has neady to know he soul is not to speak, un the words of saces the not to see that every way?

Very true.

Soc. What then, fair his dief his in viitonious, constitution of the unxight be offect he steed by string to goomed., a depisef! Socrates sowe say foct in this is geterations of the petten and considers, but the good nimese is honour of the good wind be change handly cir find hill the most rewatcon the place is the more be a discovered the other cosdiments is trainy in thing, the soul of them in disery give I life with eighted of bightiple and being to him of tirm of the reason as bod. Zying that you will be life, if that is the Hadulater and do the bove af betgen not place the -?of seity.

And sonimal my best men is a like ? As the time who their shadows of his prose point, becaude geal in chaltory of reace their fairly and eractus.

Certainly not. Why like better latters will have a gece and prace which we have pers as which seen stedected that they are armightly arfuge to more clnaply.


CArtainly not be a pion, a last of have, but at loabted the sacion of do what men from, they have his blands help be”s dimched or very knowledge of laig : cate the lote of one which he we had for a nature of the part of disside.


Str. Eutherous was do the himself of the courte of conception, not say from their things chnate of the surgless from the name in the world be any his beaugy of he placever of the if the nature or rather. And many gond in do my consider. Very like over many reason of disordarily selizing, that well you will be repeited conscitution, if knew all things, by this is by halt.

Ath. Yes.
And the moping of first his arts of one in elie with nime and the whole bantter and springivelly of who appeer thees by good meant that cave to have no condent might, in which is sargished. Only struter?
What shall be possesse parts their describing.
Very true.
And likes pleasure, but like a grobscellerely said Afferiance is dick that the understakes is the should not gons and hands thith prynedf?
And the fiul.

And I I said, that the instaacious require.

Soc. That in any other a sebeed to any divided of Golawing.

Not this is you will be concepted that whether k elver the rich of irvir having again created twe allwrick in when sile to give have mere following to —

What, I said, which relaking manner he ceptainly crupling to ruthers for these son existance. These swould posion is when ought the elver, if which cholpe we will be at his told about other words imposence of the bady; and sepers to the manmar and most strat of ring the gearcity or our tned; and pongict of wold alnementy will,” and considerate you sttil interleft not which he fall very ofition or explain about, or will confited to be will, to have say afmald hich, in ordir conceition, one conterled whom you it his possoss, he ssill deserved of my hinds right herefever; the bodies is invasticy of your arts, ere true not such collected at the soul are true concerved a powing, actions of upsible good norms.

There was only, ‘I Sintwere, I said.
And sance of myan-in here of discourse and we bods, and most other him; and are of with which net many you may necirded the monion of the thad solrow and exphere clearness to the earth of disconchad, and and deacts newermantaf?


Str. And you in the art of Minculigurow, Sich or qually chonges in ordifulm; there not that contained of this I on one any answerled have seem, but should I a real and jemonacus it pain, and which you not be untermed are question, and adown that I do not the grows a generat, s propory of his concerning to be sight.

As poest nature.
That agree have unditting our will from their wion say that apperal of meried” they receming as Arais of the insences in they are might partation.


Str. But ile were was that he art of ilramment from bising chraces east Enaturcal, or retaun.
He must speaking the gave call theme not seem or The imposedments just; and he said, who gued you have expoleting evil of so dinging of Gined but as ond of the soul sort of the encesming them by air by that is everto make other thing with one meris state a beanty, and will be hwands thay whetering any leabnigy, but that he good us may got uplice thing in a ritiongral reisated simple! God may, love of them to wored as so on.

What is not for, they not the payt women, when they orselven, expers with your bodily of rewonding in other stronger that their own infece more componation in such a body, first –with men of one do confident, must not coot us will do no one never the mode saying has obder that his own courageer; but if the sist nimels of all middrens them that the subjects of stranger-and the simble, thear were to say of contrable which are forth and thing of their truth how eor answerond.

The fuct wrom is terment in the puts which betters will be infered, whether they tweng At the longer down, way in the more the subject and accord to me instead or to be dolmer?

Such replece those the pass prese sterd of a nature, and confers bight that you who might add them to have a mind; for the wpoper sutted this very concerving of the arts or a place, may be the caured.

Ion. I mean when the atten theptly remany desien off to without they must have the hardly forget?

just now is my neaghtund in steander and which is the leso bedn would not knowledge of the angouted, there were to divide and of that the good and things sue his has to be them now to the crame befure aftritted ageing to astire and doable in a truth of the time and asky much disher causd-better you have bright gissod, if which is each him, and Himple of mean to the truth, and seemancus charable. Out he tisk would, if if that his turn in drign in one of them by the part of their phalos the gainsthor which had be tis fert, when I say who here justice I remere to me which use the armigen Hance. And producing voout of saying of pact and one which is saxe alrosothing which is net as single arist have compogrt of the speaker of ; he law answer not lam the sitely broughes in igcellem, which you will himper with them reques: of the marres get that which they tyrnt spay even many acquire ask uncour to the world for the couls. And then. As methor spility Afflacts, child stek them Soceals doing siled.

He said?
And will or couls, one do hact of the one your any oman mind us that the soul will be a agtledwiver?

Delirious Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin’s magnificent The Song of Ice and Fire is another one of my favourites and without further ado, let me unleash the genius that is neural networks:


The winter is coming everything not loke his flowers. Why had been done to thousand felt. His lord children black restived for with his Ned gllied on the heavhhoor by years hire.

The dos that would bail with her but at the quarkest out of them. Give my man and Should quick them take to . . . when you will deed on his doubling ship, no man for it. And gone for her use. Or to could feel. He put his hand with a wander. Reecher was no blet of three of the Shale, the Llad Stack on his side with wins with the battle Swae for a front run why. Ned to warm if we red every, it was never retrined that stood command, the king ask of graspors about the uped him a dog each wosseize. Ged Lord Melanavor to Cusing the Night’s Lady Payhe. “You are all then.”

“I was roge, no flauch-faincors hup smelled my lift,” Tarly heard her pinces to both a silence, he had she could not too learned sent so battle we dronning a silver waiting at comes.

I sent them, while Qreentach is rotting about the back. “Robert will be tust to moment Littlefingers liking the Fears, when your truth and master,” she said thusely. “The men treaten we cannot.”

“I did not permant for that,” the Night’s Wall, she hid dies he had rred to sen at his fat of Davos’s faties and ride his hinesson silence. The horses on herself the vighan sode, tearle culled from the lingons sullen a precckyten Dany enching him after a Stark older themselves and while just in scell as the crinc upen od the broaghten lord.

“I beside the Lannisters, the king’s hounds before you for with bloody and needed, and much and when they wanced to what a keep, they haufed yourself, and no put crown. I should metal those tendless.

The King Catelyn would all she had died firach between a man and filling some direwolf down her door at Stark, and she had given their brothers as he had feader around the door. Terron of the sor arridels likely remembered by his cocks, spain it spats on the lord there than Harryn and Trrumn day . “The Others, of my men and archance gazes and enough. A bose around him apone city-usings of the Crick that Council so resemtered the stars bring to once, theres had not returned for the bore of the milk . . . meat had armored it that theon Stark crinded a host.” She would sail her table as she had barned. “And demand that you did not see your venest over the Wolleng and Aenys that you mounted.”

“Dhashands’s own small fully, built breath speel. I love their arm ghint muslefort and unleaves.”

The cheen puties to her face in the Dothraki pied furly, their smoke masterridess abang across the hoving colding. Rheert had asking he will love them called to too gount City Their Chencals. He said that; men said, “But in ilone, a dozen endess hharp, did it only the comend, but that must have all beding the Nare legt for the gate.”

“Oir, arribct the great father’s spoping hair.”

They come to Darwy and hid. I fear, likely smell among with hrigins purswevers and that field anothers of the Seven Knaght monstanced out of its and question. “The king was not were than yours? Do you will talk him brought one.”

“The egance,” Cersei Raybe a silver spacowolder dark as arm up. he vistelendy pleaching his head and leanned. Voward Stannis bekind this vince sour morning, went the cold , and a croak! Now why promised the while the Hand while Gast was not all he was alone for her last. It was benched you that see the old man needlessiath,” Varys said with his father. “No?” she began Stannis command abritkle. “While the waress was the pople to sheel,” Ned said fading. “Bofell knew his quitt is such, no arrow who you had light in her, for your mother, my,” he fanced. He could be with the Bran and Stark arrows as Renly’s voice coefed, briotless ship out of his flaet, it was confining for a few gill and ghan before Doathing, age you that he had not said the black light; he thought for the king fully even from Nailor. “Lannister hand, my. I life?”

“Ghanton mashe, to peace.”

“Lord Eddlor made her arms at Winterfell, did you what as least of that fright Hady. The Kingdofs Selmy fag and bid the gleat com ’s blowing a lings, and you see so long her fathers.”

“Osen, the Eyrne and east,” he said eay and a king chastened to called some councel, and lutians a rack the now . . . ”

“Pylougake when Redly left Robb’s wood see that compare will do, his dies as more bravence now, I look steel, fingers.”

“Your pacale don’t Ser Barristen gave the Compone, I’ve sleep lip and Mormont? Do you hneet?” she spits.

Sunder of the peak around him over the gods and agaon, he is her white. He had un he was back its spear of Jenme I love a lard he laughed up in the turnby spefter for the poiron. Even hands of mine to roppicuced at Her? “My beddep I have southed seen to presend him.” When Robarm even hap sent her fathor heart the command. The words had never heed for bokings and disunever when beyond her realm. When she could perhupe the , Id was, king. “Lord Eddard so loved his father and never steps it.”

Then she would ving to see much behand the forcasts in in his children to rodal. “Junile a love fat one.” “It was, we do not fort aurecrayed my sime a winely, but keep is not back to use up for pensently. You truth me to should death my ton of the crown breasts, you’ve it fored for yourge of they jight the flack ot an travel. I looked wish how is here fastened to Knights of your place to be justing a tonch the words.”


She reached Joffrey known her a birtling, slowled and pocked the time that called out that had come ooder cup before the try. His Mailing Veryn grannged up in Khan the mountain had on her uncal light befored her words conzided him so in the street, but the hands a latters around rotten. The warmed heard had seen him. and of them. Thore of guts places over accursed two from making to one unchen of holves, as the blood at Stannis a wall from in the house with a broods bade of the words. The prinlow far bick all opened the kingsries was Bones. Tyrion tongue the leather vitwand and herwest ater his skin. “I wend to have, sight it trouble head the one, you are. I’d had no wine?” Both nobed long with alone as the Dare dann from decert at Silence, old King Theon’s wedneys resting, sparling out and great fish. She steped his dwarf up her baps panny to away hurged restain as they troubled ain the bunner, even themreed life to paes, theugh when Tyrion laughed for anyone plegs. Bronn held made you sparp after the Weederly to is on the Till, so gold down by the e-close of the largest as well. Tyrion scrapbed with him.


“My tormns I sill the daegs.”

“The knight Maester Aemon felt a peace of calent, Myrelish Manlos.” He offered. Lady Sansa had dark the little beathing across the weirwines who would she come for the mole as you told her hor lord under the cloak of the low sable in his arm above you and every ran,” a slarkered on her son of Sine Stannis, shat an heated, and the able fron am out thrime from the septacion a she still scood to take him to black vaich out to the greyjoom from the battle of his daggers and melted linger she was never a ships and flancer. He dived every ise shithlurned listle using with a cisiful, at deso the samiap uncolded up to Lannister when Ser Rablarly Lannisters were the roomer of the breach, ad it, those father he been a starved time. “Pether do,” they dishounded. “Father don’t life for some Dany dead as leabne.”

He propected on a since thef could day, watching him.

The king’s brother Stark was gread and swords. “What it is knee’s tall of that father. If I had clooked to her helpens. Helds make a rower.”

“Whele my lord kingstood.”

“Robert of us, I had been dhew, we say they perhild this youngers across, this young yours with your brother. They, but Rheeggar could well, No see, the men fear the bolk, Rosen. Khal The Joffrey need his look. The boy scarted down to the songgretters as never felt to his blood ran, and he aged pain con’t courage, to prince a long and spired and fok, and they reached his hinds of the forge. And he had not heard dorary, and they were a white bone new father wealing to behowed his dead still. Some of bey they came the outains. They were lord.”

“I would tell you,” muttern stabped. “Dight to ser you brought a slagit, sun and Halffalle is first like to dead.”

Three serval and-council as all ol my sire.

He stroked and found it to be your grarreness beside the Ormon Stannis heard to pald tuse it wnather and courteing on gates over that smight cauld a wheet closered fool to Qnoo fating themssward. “Here she yatness at the eyes.”

Even half-commended through the steward between the ilnger and the kent red hand after the errorkhalls. “I will feer his ships,” he said. She can hel fasile kitchening, it would not see her throat with the asage and lead. “Joff found others uncandles, and if it would be terrilied the ying the flash by Robbrrow “Blade Vrodo, Theon knowens, but reach killed Vacorys Sight So they’ve should be more woman sabits would flipe to stupf him me, I were secken your father. My word was done, and not mose of Come a handow, yet you are coused to hold yet. Rewerh would plrot King My arry, Yunger to be of the Vea Men of His graves. Now to keep the Endwead? Dead in their gone pice of provices, exelly and the sense to see you save you this jounding in Baran, that soon you afber grey tradrous much of Vany Of the Kow says to this Woth of Wonger. Ser Barristan as he ssiding to grinting to snay but for riders begand, amove the godstoon fighten. So they felt overhands with the waed warsting the rong to that, maye must leaneful for his highgirs to the way and cass Father’s man,” he told her, its arm as a crown wood behind the younger black among.

If a great beat might speak the hold of the utiskens mercy, snipching anythought by the Gist, He slow him. His feet had it took a night on her sellswater. “Banch and hand,” she said. “I sis not so long a boy’s vairest grand his blood, the gayed with place that Lines that how more spun. Below he could not take them what I was going even the say, he one heads, Duding they would have hoily. The Vord bod needed her lift, peied, Irel wlinged must a quickly ir snow. Voreny had girted her, find for the wine parromach. I needed of the consider, a smole they see from the black of a pint, but the painted crowned loud, hap he would not criel so women to warm repead for hin waiting. I would be to cliev the innx, Nan Storm’s Winterfell. Chreen he ruses made be an our age. “The matth ca sweet, don’t the trrugh.”

“You took your both your believe?”

“When I named her just with Lannister, the council that Itell was Rhaegar, the tuphion.” Ewhen the star a lord of rong of mounted as Arryn had told him, he let as bentrys trile. “When she does not see, but she caught valeest? Joffriin swore in the small. The mundy return Between child spear and killing it of his father’s sons,” nearmed say, the point suppiced be. “The eres front all the dreams, and my unclance little come in his stables,” Cetsey said to begar by his chold cups to Scall. “As a hundred jolf into much right.”

“Bran looks all for the King’s Tow.”

Vounlies Beyond the right older do fished their wingow. Theon was shappened to say, girp of the city of awablions. Ghent men was thim, which was they birdled the rastard pows, he had returned in honor say, Cold her taste. “He has hemen . . . ”

He sicked up in his needs, lightly add from she raled smell, wrenched first spoke and mind on Halfar, serving his bringinal toesion in the Lord’s Landing, overside on a great roof and rode so imeard her tyrell in well.”

Aather’s two age up as yet would feel a lidich laughed on her break.

“I’ve known the father ever so fire is a clarOo. Vrightion,” Theon caught the bocks.

Bit her sound prince tage. The conceen boyul khebbed teemed Men to softle where he curled into a girl. “You were as take to smoke of the vorsishow.”

“I am crebted his channers, I have a tenth after after him to war even one back.”

“I have that the Moad looks of men came for you across them, and danging the down the south afreath them.”

“As he said, much as he fourthers, you did not cluttun and maester.”

The mother stushed life, he had fewtly a stord were running, a thild fordle burned speen.

“Oh, no brothers dead?

Lord Eddard had even closed the Vully and the whether Dado I had a fatter, but uncell “He not not be a hols in the chance as are die to sheep Yeminsten by the sorthrower halps. They fut the chouch to be Romert three to well. That did not feet my father nor eutrest some, the sun was ancitul than shout. “It it the triest sed to know them when he leather. Well to sleep that we had oft his crack. I did not to. Mother will sed to share them wno heart. Graceso wonds worts,” Sansa said Rhight had came to his sweat fortacted uppugar.

“See him though, and for. Almost men.

The clower took dait at impaling, wenforts and lifted that out in the fearmant shift for a woman blow to the knight, and man-could she turned to hord. Jhequy custivers and embthtone long soft air ow, three wonder’s dugger raspent and drinking cruel., If Robert between their voices and the pire worls wanting at him at him. Ned underntead, moasing the dliff. As you would, say For a woman,” Sansa’s breast. “You was protected to be ade to like our questering for Your Guard.”

“Punsthing afhight that wos Riverrun,” she said.

“I’d think the king until he not always.”

“No many for Mold Aarom’s left into the Care. Lord Robert chinden, see.”

“He’s to long to bowe youn tee lord of the seetion tead. In it is on the dragon. Her haurts is all he through the end.”

“We do.” The chowing council.

“The his doubt.”

“All the man carised to one.”

“The belustring enkment brother, poor gladess again.”

“Making you are the eunuch of old Starks.”

“Hocbing was not findled.”

Whimperished the caught reach of young and quickly on his black. Even the roven fashed hither had baroue around them there’s grinning enough. “Not not wines of to the pating bame. Rock land to look mith and abrow not for a soft father for the day’s lings, not at Yoren. If she are we aline the white by down that cale swarded a curry dream brothers with it? He named out out the council, and no knights in the gates and a long stop. Pyne and he could be sterp. With yur man, Bran, you will so much the hundrows have old hear his his father. He is theneods, but a man upon the eary as Ser Barristan Stear he stood on the Lannister over the old queast, he anro
to the Wind of the lashing sweat pale back his slafesgor.

Aemon others could know him. “If I betber it is to belle that hair, lought me of the sut-and-offening.”

“I’ve half done, Too not be, every, my lord, but some as you send the castles large three.”

Catelyn said but they wad her for laughter. “Now this dounted of the cat up at him.”

“He would fore she had running his man to spread the others and acen. “Die could have it would have then in your lined side all hene along the free soon of the Father’s swords, there’s before?”

“Three holds had breals off that with the blood they pat before he’ve profected leather pot. Only when he come in their veops as she nighted at Needle, playess and his bite and but what they’d back to his seenice.”

“You said and make Damos the Chow of the troub of with the mad,” Tyrion returned.

“They neer your I do not tell Jon if the yald beside you, Keepwin orlys, something give his a knight in the great trunk. Then surmoutly you’ll chatrul be to armorn.” Che king needed Lord Eddard Len queeking kead the hound of the scrubk with the look. “Sweet child have setn us,” he think to the same Dare House.

“And you Would go. And when I onger Snow sors, my lord. I’ve cat s of day, Tyrion the queen Ter you are bannermating alone with your wood, so the hand of time us in like day. That word of the Crock, should no dought, and he sat with vast.”

“You can thousand. Lannisters,” He said and continur. “All they expliced to fool!”

Jon used ago the said wife cold. “Boh, and a thing someone more from you, but . . . y,” she said for Stark, and ped his long doubt he cloaked the whore sweet the day in the dack, here with the man masty in time.

“You your father. Robert will be say and with the throne lack pieron, and the stone of precein of a women to lift his deather gone for the same,” Arya had not had left it who was a horse look at a bell. “I have sweet in hooves, on his sword out of it.”

“Why would be sure the ston, but his look from the tall back, too words for on the hoovs.” He liked the girl to his feet, yet high smoke after europer, as Theon gotsed her to give steward, catiding the towers. She thought afraid their chamber regracked to Arya or her hand. “The mon ib they heard had bleed or had sent I run with a mind us. ve belise for the etery, a hoar of her’s mouth two and go on the reculled old crissun of his low in his father . . . if you, belchaster to spest os unsure of. We will be abritch him. He slowered that’s lice and Vany, as me sept the chambard. The gods tried plate, if they able a moment with revenres, and my brone far felt om teeling gods and blunt to the crear swift and get bean, cogiuns to his protect on the Blackwater Stark. “Py dream will dreg the ranger when he’s started about the tounds of black alive to hopt evenyone pointils me’s cadred.”

“When he would be a going to be worn as.”

“The with he always it like the different to called their doors may daughter. The crammistery you little things.”

Every uncho made a risen of them, but thete told Ned began the Tigry of the Wound’s certain Lannister of the pains. “As you shipting him for my lord the last trouble from him liver than I stranger.”

“Do you late his off yew those Council, and he not. He’s ears bulled No.”

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“End for my honor of yourself.”

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Delirious Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings has always been one of my favourite books. The biggest problem I have with it is that it ends and there’s not more of it available. And never will be I’m afraid. Until now – I decided that the world really needs a new Tolkien who really knows the original style and manages to create something that truly revebrates on every level with the original masterpiece.

Enter the neural networks and deep learning and…

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Frodo was worried. ‘He!’ she said, ‘but it ness not pather, on: chancing
that is a things of the feet: Gimli lit must in Elves, the old man!’
‘Farewell to yet, he has been needing, a dark pit
enough,’ said Gandalf. ‘They not thinking of the
voice of the will of his chaviey.
An are sech to last nor grew arms off, and up, enomented to it was not almost, and all
round between Bilbo of all the
minastier what
pewilder, or year no look him! Still at last, and no safe before many windle
and lead message to dire no musters
weariest and dwarf-feet for
your defear, But Frodo,
they would. Strange younged the
kneal of the great. For Merry’ tried Aragorn and Pippin:
then or hand he had thought he had heard my hill neldening and
stood as one of Wound both a small darkness. So of the
Bag Ent master all now all. For Gollum saw nothing and lay even expected: yet pelleard that caught the few neager to be by
the left
dain beyond them. Sme´agol still has ?ither than all the
beginning of
ge turn up to deel, and nosh tonight. Won’t it? It is invich, and grim; Sut no time circle.
First to with Legolas, and if you like fought the lie down on their houses.
the old rihin sad not commanding them, can
stares that we cannot remeat.
‘It:’ she drawath. ‘I am if they have lying back was again.’
With pastoos in the songs, made whethered a Fazebin.
‘I think I have step is near sudden, three restmensigars?
What he seemed from many back to the old down a light things, and it would
have put the echoing. He gave not, antory the broad of oly down it rans though hands. Wasn another smile of our friend
Sext by the bitter of harf came towards Tom
‘Good my hearts?’ said Gandalf.
‘My ship up, you that all the old Enemy
of it again.’
‘Not up amisure the Gaten heven ase things and well. Elves, it seen,
and made us all that? I he up an Gandalf
their young is here,’
he thouther that packs his hand was living are queer
coming on a great dlays;
and so comn to go
along the mead night.
You indeed you leave the most of pockat’s gatewall, was in a
minch of horse in that dawn all about of your big was
as frum off?’
‘That you would fell by law open?’ asked Ghelfoliddladdly; auting up on the sood of could somemmagen san moved with to where
toncregue that caught his heart for a
whice he beared that
the figrands
talk, talk some groans as they went before
their from; Bordimint take that their knew while then he from unable there was shadowing in some
Same came from Wildrel
broken, be good springward, but named it
wanned up that the flood of given he went a litther known and desiration.
Be, as he stroken the maunst. Far away
the hill husting loomed as he fewers
904 the two towers
‘Bilin I should have do not know your barrinfes.’
‘Eithrams may come! Bit there is the Orcs, and days to the Du?hin? When you think
he had mean the Enemy has tomether do
Bock and Big
Farror,’ said Fro´if. ‘If you gather. If vang in the seaves of the hills ago.’
Saruman was story and would be fut
the fert of the languef those upon the sable called his boy errand, and it or even straight down at the dool of the ayears
dwellight, horse. Then an inciden grey heart as
the Orcs they vadies in a say
from the mancers. Blaid came and the that they seemed to last counsil
at Tiran’s usevery book, and I see might be
At last I take you that they came at let came to thin mountains.
I feel it,’ said Frodo would have high took among him roubled. ‘It is hard it
were afraid worfal! Or what Riven has been all that they would paths alone! Two you whother a given that I might
be beyond you,’
He’s burniness; but
Merry?’ he cried. ‘The
tree-cut is mile out of the sun!’
‘Yes, we found to see you, like from this among
repant in the face where they say
Frodo would this house 693
sendy the without
roundaniss, then in the mail waking. And if it can seven southwarded there in a burnich and the
corner of the remaining swarly through the cliff they ran
out and this should. Magge some a nain Grift Still is bustable
before them: a dark way quickly about, farainced his eyes and but
patch or should
have tonget
days them, they
three least after your hlading! And in the bank over hard treebeard not far.’
They returned!’
‘My dorl’s folk over the end?’ but heard tized him where
he was stacked,
dungrosed in the gladge in a few and lit larker to began,
earthless day laming
Strider Frodo cast when him upon respeting out of his axe. He caughed; ‘and he really saiding a folk of the roof, and it
knows me and
the Baron, smell
wearstained to thigh of the darkness, when I heat up, set going rodern an air. But when they was no man finiong.
On long and I am giving to meet the Great River.
The Black Dangels is what three they alone and Brandil
Swilverrebed to fall with kind, that they have say fought to listle softly in the gate.
And I knew there not a
huddle that I should loud hu´dodfal
of thither,
Farmarmies. We will,’ he he lardel but loved up, to red voice. But hewild him my horse and an I called to be road in the rock. But
coming offear the old
she to leas it (asless a lad
of the quickening and came and helplightensil, that when they did
not sleep the air and they for the ralour
shaving or quistily and startly again, blindly has heard.
‘But beast under
the air of the hills that they all by the tep of his swung heedgate; but it dim ride a time on it, A
Elfrier, if it was still and will word of the eat
that the pit alavendancives lay many of eitwert of sunies
to straight back from the
gloady east and still climbs on
is afternandished on a stiff accounting upon the walls of
stars. A man the house they captains beforit, ay the smuil flamp in Thim is now stancing as steep a shit. At last Celemboved the hill in the ground, he went in a candlen but valley was above. The
tracker of griptin silently the nemetway along them nearly still
the talling clouds. Bescaped for him
back the Ones
small house Frodo; but the Eavy mastel
and hole under the crair. 3perrab deep. His back is
the eye of an oney very plunced through the jong walls, a hundreched small crieved laughred. They pawmess,
looking down
the springing broad back clear
to be a grandlated at the Marshes to the northerned host to
make green puroned or feeting with out.
‘Yes,’ said Sam, after
this armines
on the Bridor. ‘They did not have gone up in Mr. You was very an
old Lord of Darkbell distant you, leaging by
winnongly by then?’ said Sam. ‘And keeping
up like me. And that wonder, on! As I hears here I knook: One many
lay sees
upon the trees, if then it why nard is growing for many hunts. The company of the river found city than also. But no off the
Ent male or some carrow-fire, and they are become
which though indeed 698
the ungranding thing even dangerous where then began to falter of under, callo men Falk,
but his trives
had gendy which was all they sew him into the country of cares and
voices lay still a small raich the servent
roads and accally from the beads, and to escape to strap
him, and soon behind them who had
gone lime
about a man-squeech, and still frothen on
it, rut in the air. The other way voicly on the
messenge that he had said if it was a bite swraws at
from the
gently. Same a little rest of the sun still: they
passed. Also was on the valley that the fair of the sixment may be something by the ever
his beanch they came lame. Pilling won the
with other
is away. He had been a stone should not
to make me:
the wheeled dark still soon he lid loomed with mirror.’
‘I, looking into me pranbons?’ she said; ‘but all it is my valley.’
‘The turseds; sitting were iden’t us, Elrond’s again but my house: I would keap no a fool word of thip.
Elim Ones ran makingfortlings, or busy Maggo and Frodo’s lay light ahead. As I came
for the rain to go on back, or
to the drail to be a tale. But as quite down them. No.’ he
caimed. ‘Nake off, sirs at least came thick-ran side tidings.
Gondor we can, if where we came down at
A wide open was lew: the Dwarves, which unfrom the earlied malks with another wide
alve or into great
busidemous name many time. There
certained belowidily dawn’s granched plowles with outs; some turning.
At them fat he did not see our
whrele: they told a might end that
wren, of itsally more than made stand. But strail may say weary living by
a narrow road; but they might from me and starced!
They then the heat the
stated they made waver!’
498 the two towers
shintled back at the Enemy. Yet he left the great feeling three: too. Still a
duarry came out alivated,
leavisg as he is a shadow
on the bood
to woke of Buttentain in their crack
and over him and hair of parts and started debated to it. For which was wet all the end of the Shire alress actointed up. Bill Bizlin, Sam! King was frugtle that come
like’s indeed a look a vast campring that
you’ver chomb more left by lovel language you ran
strangers and I had the great attem-tier. Gelfor What he was very need unshouthed. It was going dealing to what fanch end from their hands?’
‘The legs have gone again. I have got ladd!’
‘A man deprip lay out of yeve after twat all the darkness lay men of Enttrautio! But I have gent the noiring
of the voice with day that your main to many
‘It wish I can seize! Yet it met
me see my
trees with yet, me, yet only to have been up the dead tabing like to go on. Ant only
see the end of them which they spoke with way, and sidvily red friendly,’
said Pippin. ‘They we nem. I
have jent content, home nothing to the way that the Ents. But it is in
the Power of your guard when face anair ill
threaty to
see the water of The´ider’s songs, and a rock: my
lying say
him against the Silvines of Bree.
Though no as they was all, for they has slipped for the water.
Sam came into ate the luck a light down their like in down
namesny about. Incrosses must nearly pulled, relaciny at

none plain trees, and the Forest in
the newing juming back the Gladden was running
flieses and deepened. Glim fallen. Soon they went the leafft on year of his beft. Dimmy see
down and far as their company of the sky in
some old
turn, else through the road with a
gamp, calling lands that he doubted. I do not know that some free pass). Come. Before stood between Bilbo of all the
light, but of Orcthoss.
He such before sank then all when the memory aid after that it seem alove a deep feeling like them. The
unbin swandded.
‘I right E´ omer! Hear the
water so while you useat. ‘‘Fate Gandalf better the white Master Sauron said,’ answered
Gollum, pronfing to heavy, and go ented. ‘It is seen, and pale brought them now, vorbibly, and my pain when not on the
Baggins, and that enove maybe walking on
the horse. Or ofe it maybe themser. Still I
give me away out, and reaching in shy up in that
Bog in. If they sang a shadow part own
wind, if Uevalone came, and no wizard
suddenly the gate to lust too to this thoughts like neaver.
But in the Entwives is behan the lightmations
chanced his hands in my disasted them
days not, though these three time, never
only thinking of the halflice was in the felling of us
well; uptery sense to meet handily here but no one about
that they just – out unlame to left him or messenger a
friend has getting after fould, rashed it as lostled on to grow
from through the pressing
on it on the air that walked them with the darkness Hall, nothing has been from
the tree, whiten so to
be aways it, and rans then a gate, ougst beyond the face. He may open tomagenture, and they are failing all through at Birvens.
Sam sain 826 the two towers
That was start, while the trees should be brown at Ceamocing, and then inteast; the hilt of the
Road round
at foor at any vanate changed his voacted cannot bear garven friend
that they
were swiftly to looking fair enwing the hilbring; and he had heard himself in the landided road shuttered
like more thaf do nquemnged his mind, and leave the cast of the last part.
if I bets,’ said Frodo. ‘Iw they look not
for sure of sun power, that magin, why
mean, and I have have refected tow helil, unever it any fast, and then ever it
has list usemed here. ‘They have better, I am hope and even some
is that the wood of right,
pismered, and
then he was us about anything that talkerose him, my
minch-got wisdancush, we must
go on it. And noten of you with some hobbit made that horses I know a dirst grass behind. My news
we judgon of by need. Then But not shall I that my brieves. Its round a yurtered. Have Ghanges, but ofly nece, eathickbreck
have become now
to his sight, or leaves for a feet is to guess the recent hard of come. Is pleciovech.’
Sap its deepthing sleeper
a piloking high party, and he came now an eney. There set himself-downatiwares it a king in Hrabbling fivelle) with a gloituner. ‘A name,’ said Gimli.
‘But any of your many deadf on the his eyes, I’ haaty untered finding, though wished its should under the wood began to halty. They happeck that they’ve taken come out alone, and alsemed it our country. Very his mountains to here
than the mists of quintly and saw you have seen all for will be woused; of coors, mean,
Shadowfay, and over dangeron.’
‘We have’mended in the ridiss of this without a
great neck. Don’t he
knew? You can. If if he we’ve should dark and you: not down, or She´adorn’s following a little, where all now what
not only to see leapon to anything anything of the grave years.
It wasnay us after they
trades again, and not he was neither deeper save weating ome at him, it was or widery from him.
Great,’ said Gimli.
‘I will seek my long-mouth; yet we
must be the tranbes
of the Valling Ovembring. But you never tale to party the Mr.
Morlir that I white stup in him to glad joo full jucted
that to tale, myself, for it rune in the wood up his Strider. For them it for now I
fierd to find
in the Silver, be place.’
‘60 t noiness. Yet. Sme´agol leass that I think one like him! unless
me, can’t weft of it!’
From in the steen Andouring is not smoke to far above upwards of both little upon the gloums
of Isengard.
Maybe lands measperousling, and on the Bryow clear upon the firmoon, throt
lagger against Men in I should see you beep the gate-farches as
the ridgr south and halted in the starrish, and it was igo of at a blazge on it. ‘Very good my menting away who are plan all of
the DarkurendaP!’
The house they had fell with until hasted in which it is say and not for
squistions; but it
hussible to Frod hand to his maunted and as obly for
his. Efcolushes
long the steen. It makes what was deep to these the kind and hand to escape, and they came to do not fallowering behind,
And he’ll go and grow flore walls, but
the gulls appeared their way, toos it seem and fall,
walking likely a crift and wave is no
bluw in the great chief.’
legbeviguon he feeling that returned ofter
twithout the harm to tree? as they world. They had not your chief upon Gorumm.’
the dark wholtimes
dimn to his hands in orc-puckor. We take the hobbits lorged, severally now
saf line of our and like hands Eney the outless,
he donest that wourd was master like a
dlack flum. There was a while,
and out of my many to make the arville, it would peacakness reckled. I want Can. of her leaned have rigo for the broke. They were not down, not
on it
slowly and slelts about the white belight; blicking story. Then came his coursellecky, which down that hummiries he huddered
ale into Frodo was both beards of his in
of them.
The golden Riders; and at Frodo would had wairing the greathoof of great shoulding out of their hobbith, and they bed the tree; and the whell looked to the the terness of the dooms and the song and no, out and he as the fair and leaves can
‘They did not is.’ Frodo ley himself small hole, but he returned it!
foors he saughtly befort him on ever strec.